Some highlights from the 2014-2015 academic year!


The following sections are recaps about our Intramural activity during the '14-'15 school year. 

At the begining of every semester, VSA's Sports Chair picks an intramural sport for members to participate in.  Many members have played and enjoyed sports before, so we give them an outlet to continue some of their favorite activities. Football, APC Dodgeball, and soccer were played that year.

Camping - Outdoor Bonding

Camping is a big sleepover where the organization takes a trip to Lake Bryan to play sports, grill food, and have late night fun. For many members it is the highlight of their VSA year. 

A Night to Remember

VSA Formal is an event that happens in the Spring where members are celebrated by receiving a fancy night out where they dress up, see a show, and have a nice meal. At the end of the night we bring out a DJ and members boogy on the dance floor. Then we host an after party on Northgate. It's a night where people make friends and let loose. 

For the '15-'16 year, if you work three concessions you receive a formal ticket, and four concessions is a formal ticket for you and your date. If you've already paid your dues that goes down to one concessions for your formal ticket, and two concessions for the second ticket.