2019-2020 School Year

MilkyWay Fam: Amanda Phan & Kevin Dang
Anh/Chi: Nick Phan & Taylor Pham

Nebula Fam: Hanh Dang & Oanh Nguyen
Anh/Chi: Rich Nguyen & Anh Dao Bui

Supernova Fam: Paul Poung & Khang Nguyen
Anh/Chi: Hewson Le & My-Linh Lam

Aurora Borealis Fam:  Austin Nguyen & Jamie Nguyen
Anh/Chi: Kevin Nguyen & Elisa Dao

Space Raspberry Fam: Phillip Pham & Vivian Tang
Chis: Elizabeth Pham & Amber Le

2018-2019 School Year

Yeti Fam: Cynthia Nguyen & Alex Thai
Anh/Chi: Will Phan & Jamie Nguyen

Sasquatch Fam: Anna Chainaranont & Alec Han
Anhs: Mike Nguyen & Joshua Choi

Loch Ness Fam: Sidney Dangtran & Taylor Ngo
Anhs: Dang Vu & James Nguyen

Sphinx Fam: Elizabeth Pham & Matt Nguyen
Anh/Chi: Justin Tran & Thea Hynes

Alicorn Fam: Amanda Phan & Brian Pham
Chis: My-Linh Lam & Julie Nguyen

2017-2018 School Year

Wildfire Fam: Anna Chainaranont & Will Phan

Gamma Ray Burst Fam: Janie Nguyen & Brandon Nguyen

Lightning Fam: Cynthia Co & Alec Han

Cyclone Fam: Alex Thai & Dang Vu

Avalanche Fam: Alycia Truong & Matt Nguyen

2016-2017 School Year

Fire Fam: Aaron Ho & Charlene Morrison

Earth Fam: Devin Nguyen & Ellen Dangtran

Air Fam: Yen Nguyen & Thuy Vi

Water Fam: Bach Nguyen & Dang Vu


Spring 2016

Bambi Fam

Linh Nguyen & Natalie Ngan Nguyen

Linh is a Geophysics major and Natalie is studying Pre-Optometry. Linh is a senior, while Natalie is a junior, both from Vietnam. 


Fun Facts
  • Natalie is known as the best Vietnamese cook and has been cooking since her freshman year at Texas A&M.

  • Linh enjoys eating any food cold, you name it: rice, waffles and even burgers.

Giraffe Fam

Marquis Ellis & Andrea Tran

Marquis is a GIS (Geo Information Systems) major and Andrea is a Biology major.  Marquis is from Midland and Andrea is from Houston.  Marquis is a junior and Andrea is a freshman. 

Fun Facts
  • Marquis is a proud brother of Gamma Beta Omicron Class.

  • Andrea is a shoe collector and owns over 20 different pairs of tennis shoes.

Unicorn Fam

Sean Nguyen & Eunice Lim

Sean is a sophomore, BIMS major from Houston, Texas.  Eunice is a junior, English major from Madison, New Jersey.


Fun Facts
  • Sean loves to dance and is a choreographer for VSA modern.

  • Eunice is a lovely sister in the sorority, Rho Delta Chi.


Fall 2015

Rat Family

Eric Jung & Rochelle Peng

Eric is VSA's sports Chair!! He's running our Ultimate Frisbee and Battle ship teams. Rochelle is the rush chair for Sigma Phi Omega, so if your'e interested in finding a sisterhood just ask her about it. 

Fun Facts
  • Eric has enough watches to wear a different one everyday for two weeks.

  • Rochelle has like 20 dimples on her face. She talks about it a lot.

Bear Family

Theresa Cu

Theresa comes from Austin, but we like her anyways. Her interests include dancing, petroleum engineering, and being a good bear mom. 

Fun Facts
  • Theresa used to be part of the Hyline team at Westlake.

  • Theresa is also really active with the Student Engineers' Council.

Hippo Family

David Galaviz and Monica Nguyen

David's part of the Gamma Beta fraternity. He likes  Yu Gi Oh cards and playing soccer. Monica is a College Station native, she knows this place better than any of us. 

Fun Facts
  • David once push down our own player during intramural soccer.

  • Monica calls herself a potato.

Wolf Family

Jason Banh

Jason is also from Austin. He's been part of VSA for quite a while and really likes playing League of Legends. He hosted one of the tournaments for VSA. 

Fun Facts
  • Jason is an Applied Mathematics major.

  • Jason is a very tall person with impaired vision. He is easily spotted in a crowded room.

Fall 2014 & Spring 2015


Dino Fam

Parents: Kayla Nguyen and Tim Lai

Kayla and Tim are pictured front and center. 

The Dino Fam kids wanted to recreate an awkward family portrait. Does it look like one? 

Kayla and Tim are always being asked for a group photo by them even though Tim hates being in photos

It's Dino tradtion to take a photo at every event possible. They like looking back at the memories. 

Fox Fam

Parents: Tiffany Nguyen and Duy Tran

Duy is the charmander in the back, and Tiffany is in the center with the red ears. 



Fox Fam loves dressing up for the occasion. They put effort into having fun and going out. 

Cat Fam

Parents: Loan Nguyen and Yen Nguyen

The female members of Cat Fam perfected the art of looking good in photos. The men not so much. Loan is in the right photo and the farthest on the left. Yen is in the right photo at the very center. 

Cat Fam took a road trip to Florida for spring break. Their friendship was deep and they enjoyed travelling as a group.

Cat Fam members participated in Fusion Fiesta by showcasing Vietnamese culture through dance. 

Chicken Fam 

Parents: Jennifer Duong and Justin Gonzales

The Chicken Fam involved our sportiest and hungriest members. They really helped us out during intramurals! 

Chicken Fam enjoyed taking cute selfies, they never shy from a photo! Jennifer is in the top left photo with the stuffed marshmallows. Justin is in the bottom left with the glasses. 

When not playing sports, Chicken Fam enjoyed studying and making weird foods together

Dino & Fox Secret Santa 2014

Christmas Mixer

Shout out to Rochelle and Monica for making Dino & Fox Secret Santa not only possible, but a huge success. They took initiative in creating and running the event. 

David was Vinh's secret santa. He did such a good job of getting everything Vinh wanted that Vinh cried tears of joy. 

David got Yugioh cards for secret santa, as you can see he loved it and so did Duy. You may not notice it, but only boys are excited for $10 gifts. The girls are happy but not as emotional. 

Tiffany is ecstatic over the onesie that Rochelle got her. Rochelle is a parent for the 2015-2016 year and she'll be very capable of leading her Rat Fam.