What We're About

The Vietnamese Student Association began as way to celebrate Vietnamese culture and bring Vietnamese students together. Over the years, we've expanded from an organization based mostly around Vietnamese students to embracing anyone who is interested in what we do and who we are. Without the continued support from our members, VSA would not be where it is today, so we always keep the community's best interests in mind. However, VSA's core will always be about spreading Vietnamese culture. We are proud of our heritage and we strive to teach students about our colorful history, food, and lifestyle. We believe in being a vocal representative for a culture that is known but not understood. 

What We Do

We have general meetings every two weeks during the semester where we eat food, talk about upcoming events, and learn about Vietnamese culture. Throughout the week, we have social events that range from eating food like spring rolls, to playing sports like soccer, and even to camping. 

How to Join

You can join our Facebook page, which we update often! 

We have membership which is $35 for the year or $25 for one semester! It gets you the current t-shirt of the year, and being a member means you receive free entrance to all events. You can also work two football games to receive free membership.